Traces of Sandalwood

Muna is a young Indian orphan being forced to work in a carpet factory in Bombay. She cannot forget about her little sister Sita who was taken away from her. Meanwhile, Sita is living in an orphanage in the same city. She does not remember her older sister; all she dreams about is having a real family and finding happiness. Eight-year-old Solomon lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. When the revolution breaks out he is sent away to Cuba by boat, together with hundreds of other orphan children all hoping for an education and a brighter future.

After many detours across three continents, Muna, Sita and Solomon each finally find their purpose in life and the family they’ve all longed for.





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21 April, 2016




Asha Miró and Anna Soler-Pont

Asha Miró, born in India, was adopted by a couple from Barcelona at the age of seven. Anna Soler-Pont, born in Barcelona, studied Arabic… Read more



‘The personal, intimate account of a woman who refused to accept her fate as an orphan child. Every autobiography should be like this, with so much character, simplicity, and accuracy.’ —La Vanguardia

‘It is without a doubt, one of this year’s surprises. The novel, Traces of Sandalwood, written by four hands, that of writer and host Asha Miró and literary agent Anna Soler-Pont, has all the ingredients to arouse curiosity.’ —El Periódico

‘This novel achieves a remarkable connection with the reader: we are drawn in completely.’ —Le Monde