Under Manhattan

Erling Kagge is about to experience New York like never before—underground. Along with Steve Duncan, an urban historian and photographer, he descends into the network of sewers, subways, and water tunnels that the city has to offer. They walk from the Bronx via Manhattan. Final stop: the Atlantic Ocean. Through photos, philosophical reflections, and accounts of their journey a world opens up that has never been explored before.

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19 November, 2015




Erling Kagge

Erling Kagge (Norway) is a polar explorer, mountaineer, author, lawyer, publisher and philosopher. This great adventurer was the first person ever to surmount the “three poles”… Read more


Praise for Under Manhattan

‘Erling Kagge masters the art of making the account of yet another polar expedition, part autobiography, part corrections of Dante’s Inferno and not least philosophical thoughts on happiness come together as one. Just as surprisingly astute as it is gripping and sensuous.’
Jan Kjærstad

‘Erling describes what he expects to see en route, a “negative beauty” formed by the absence of color, light, natural order. We will travel, he says, beneath the “culture of congestion.” A fascinating man. He’s a philosophical adventurer or perhaps an adventurous philosopher. Reads Hegel and tells tales of shooting polar bears in the Arctic. Our plan for tonight, he says, is to hike the Bronx sewers: “We’re going to be swallowed by the maw of the city.”’
New York Times